ISO 20121:2012与BS EN 8901:2009之间的区别

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ISO 20121:2012与BS EN 8901:2009之间的区别

理查森(Will Richardson)2013年6月20日

[/ et_pb_text] [et_pb_text _builder_version =”3.0.85″]可持续事件标准;最初提出BS EN 8901:2009是为了迎接即将到来的英国伦敦奥运会; 2012年。当时的想法是LOCOG使用的任何赛事公司必须在奥运会之前达到这一标准。它似乎在大多数情况下发生了。 ISO 20121:2012是根据该英国标准制定的国际标准,现已成为游戏的可持续遗产。我本人通过BS 8901和ISO 14001流程帮助了Arena集团,该流程现已升级到ISO20121。我还根据UKAS指南审核了国际和国家标准,在撰写本文时很少。有3种方法可以查看新的ISO20121标准。它是对BS8901的升级,它更接近ISO14001标准,并且作为独立标准,它在公司领域内占有很好的位置。如果按照本标准的精神来实施,并且可以减少组织对环境的影响,这是可以说的。我将在以下各节中介绍与标准的区别;–BS8901的重组–ISO20121的新结构–与ISO14001相同的结构


– A re-numbering and re-structuring of the standard (requiring either re-numbering of your documented systems or the creation of a cross reference to ensure that all requirements are covered) – There will need to be a broader understanding of who the stakeholders are and what their needs are. The new standard does go onto suggest that the stakeholders would be the following; – Event organiser – Workforce – Supply chain – Participants – Attendees – Regulatory bodies – Community This does allow the implementer to understand who the targets audience are. – There is a real approach to bring the standard to a more cohesive sustainable foundation by introducing ideas such as ‘considerations for stewardship, inclusivity, integrity and transparency’. – ISO20121 places more emphasis on the actual leadership of the sustainable practice within the business, it initiates demonstration to show a level of top level compliance, that will probably become more of a suggestion in the years to come. – From a legal perspective, ISO20121 is more prescriptive and relies more heavily on possible 3rd party consultants. ##New Structure to ISO20121 – An additional requirement (section 4.1) termed “understanding of the organisation and its context” – A requirement to define the boundaries of the scope of the system – A requirement for an actual statement of purpose and values – An additional requirement (section 9.2) to review data and to take action to address adverse trends before non-conformity occurs – An additional requirement (section 6.1) termed “actions to address risks and opportunities, General” – Additional requirements (section 6.1.2) to consider social and economic issues when reviewing the impact of your activities: – social; labour standards, health and safety, civil liberties, social justice, local community, indigenous rights, cultural issues, accessibility, equity, heritage and religious sensitivities; – economic; return on investment, local economy, market capacity, shareholders value, innovation, direct and indirect economic impact, market presence, economic performance, risk, fair trade and profit sharing. – Additional requirements to the management review The management review changes by adding the following; – changes in external and internal issues that are relevant to the event sustainability management system; – Information on the event sustainability performance, including trends in; – nonconformities and corrective actions, – monitoring and measurement evaluation results, and – audit results; – progress against governing principles of sustainable development. Interestingly, a well-run ISO14001 management system should already highlight this kind of information; Building up a better picture of the system/company flaws as the years progress and the system matures. ##Same Structure as ISO14001 – An additional requirement (section 10.2) for continual improvement. – Adjustments to the content of your Policy – The policy in some way has to now demonstrate stronger ‘commitment to leadership within the field of event sustainability management’. It also stipulates that the organization has a commitment to its governing sustainable development principles within its defined scope. – A requirement to document your criteria for evaluating the significance of identified issues – This is seen through the impacts/aspects register. – An additional requirement (section 6.1.3) to capture emerging legislation – In some ISO14001 systems the capturing of future or upcoming legislation helps to keep abreast of compliance ensuring a reliable monitoring method. – Enhanced requirements for targets and objectives, including determining how they will be monitored. -This is a part of the system that seems to have crept in from the BS8555 standard, Phase 3. This standard stipulates that KPIs are needed for a real understanding of how the targets and objectives are achieved. Although KPIs are not an actual criteria, it would be very hard to run this standard without them. – Enhancement of the requirements for training to include a full competence identification and management process. – Additional requirement (section 7.3) to ensure all staff is aware of the management system, policy etc… – Enhancement of the requirements for communication – Enhanced requirements for document control – Enhanced requirements for operational control The items shown above are requirements that were not part of BS 8901 but that will (in part) be covered by a combined ISO 14001 and BS 8901 management system, ##Conclusions Throughout the new ISO standard there is a very coherent theme to govern more sustainably and to try and truly realise the internal and external influences on the companies activities from a sustainable point of view. Interestingly the ISO20121 standard really starts to integrate some aspects that are found within the ISO9001 system, for example more understanding of the context of the organisation and the needs and expectations of interested parties. The new ISO standard also explicitly requires for there to be an improvement in the system year on year. The ISO20121 standard is in my opinion a better and more effectively structured standard than both its predecessor and ISO14001. Lets hope the new 14001 standard is taken in the same vain as this standard. The new ISO14001 standard is to be implemented in 2014, I believe. Written By William Richardson [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”1_3″][et_pb_image src=”//” align=”center” _builder_version=”3.0.85″ /] [et_pb_text _builder_version =”3.0.85″]


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